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Products sold by Whatzsup Taiwan

About Shipping

-All products to Taiwan are shipped within 3 working days after payment confirmation.
-All products to Hong Kong are shipped within 7 working days after payment confirmation.
-Large shipments (such as hard boards) may require additional time to arrange transportation.

About Returns

-In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, consumers have the right to a seven-day hesitation period after the goods deliveryed.

-Consumers please go to [My Account] and click on the return application and fill in the relevant information, then prepare the return product. Whatzsup TW will start processing your request within 1 working day from the day of receiving the application. After the review is completed, the designated home delivery company will be entrusted to contact you by phone within 5 working days to retrieve the returned goods. (Applications within seven days of arrival. If the application is overdue, it cannot be refunded except for the original defect of the product.)

-Please keep the phone line open, and prepare the original product and all packaging and accessories so that it can be delivered to the company’s designated location for retrieval (the delivery company is only responsible for receiving the goods, and the returned goods will still be accepted by OOXX). After delivery, you will be provided with a receipt document.

The returned product must be in new condition and with complete packaging

-Maintain the goods with its original packaging and in all new condition, together with all accessories included. Otherwise return requests will not be accepted.

What kind of goods cannot be returned?

-Opened computer software, programs, audio tapes and video tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, food, flower products, clothes, bags and consumables, as well as products specifically listed on the product webpage, will not be unsubscribed.

Products sold by Whatzsup Hong Kong

About Shipping

– All goods to Hong Kong (except for large goods) will be shipped by SF Express within 3 working days after payment confirmation.
– Large cargo (such as hard boards) requires extra time to arrange trucking.
– For self pick up products: We will send an email or WhatsApp within 3 working days to notify the time of self-collection, after payment confirmation.

About Returning Goods

– All products purchased at Whatzsup in Hong Kong cannot be returned or exchanged. Exceptions for exchange will be allowed for defective products only.

We DO NOT accept return, exchange or refund for any products that are used, or for reasons other than manufacturer defects / quality issues.

The returned product must be in a new condition and complete packaging
-Maintain the integrity of the goods, accessories, packaging, manufacturer’s carton and all accompanying documents or information, otherwise returns will not be accepted.

What kind of goods cannot be returned?
– Specially listed products on the product page.
– All special items sold at promotional prices.
– All used / 2nd hand products.
– Products that have been used.
– For reasons other than manufacturer defects / quality issues.

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