Kialoa Hulu Small Fixed Carbon Uncut



The Hulu is Kialoa’s race paddle – made in epoxy and high modular carbon so its very light, 16 ozs, and you can have a choice in a small blade (7 1/8 x 17.5”) or a large blade (8 1/16 x 17.5”). We sell more of the Hulu smaller blade width which suits a higher cadence paddle stroke. The Hulu is durable, tough and has an ultra thin blade for a super clean entry and the dihedral shape on the powerface of the blade gives you maximum stability through the water.


The Hulu Kialoa’s Formula 1 race blade. The Carbon Foam Core blade allows us to make the complex shape of our PowerHook™ blade profile. The Hulu blade creates an aggressive catch at the start of your stroke and a clean release when exiting the water. Internal carbon edge-banding provides excellent durability to the edge of the blade. We combine this blade with an extremely light and responsive carbon shaft with optimized flex and top it with our fixed Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip that provides the lightest weight option for high performance paddlers. Each of our Carbon Foam Core blades is handmade in the USA.


Paddle Specification


  • Shaft Material: Carbon
  • Shaft Shape: Round
  • Total Paddle Weight: 17 oz (fixed)

Small Size Blade:

  • Surface Area: 87 sq in
  • Blade Width: 7 1/8″
  • Blade Length: 17 1/2″
  • Blade Material: Carbon epoxy
  • Blade Angle: 10 degree

SHAFT: Light and responsive carbon shaft with optimized flex for racing. Carbon shaft has the highest energy transfer during the paddle stroke. Offers the highest strength to weight ratio.
BLADE: Choose Small or Large blade to fit your power needs. Ultra thin carbon foam core blade for super clean entry. PowerHook™ blade profile for an aggressive catch. Internal carbon edgebanding for stellar blade durability.Remember to rinse your adjustable paddle with freshwater after use
Remember to rinse your adjustable paddle with freshwater after use.

Estimated Delivery Date: by 26, January 2021

Availability: In stock

Please enter your desired length (the whole paddle including the blade and grip) at the order note during check out. Please allow additional 3 – 7 working days for cutting.


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