Mistral M1 Race 12’6″ (Repaired)

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Condition: Used with normal Wear & Tear and some damages (Repaired).
Accessories included: Fin only

Product Description:
You’ll be astounded with the speed and lightness of the Mistral M1 Race 12’6” Inflatable SUP. This inflatable stand up paddle board has already proven itself worldwide to be a favorite among paddleboarders looking for a high-speed inflatable. The lightweight, hydrodynamic shape with displacement nose and slim, 29” width help the M1 Race SUP move more quickly over the water. Elongated deck pad features a comfortable, smooth EVA surface throughout the standing area with diamond patterned shape above and below for additional traction while turning or moving on the board. Rear stomp pad aids step back turns for more maneuverability on the water while slight rocker in the nose reduces pearling so your paddle board will perform in both flatwater and surf.

The M1 Race 12’6” Inflatable paddleboard features a convenient handle with elastic strap to hold your paddle while transporting as well as safety handles on either side. Nose bungee tie downs allow transport of cargo so you can stay equipped wherever you go.

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