Molokai Hero Race 12’6 x 25″


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The HERO RACE series is a high-end racing hardboard designed for paddlers who pursue extreme speed. The entire series uses high-strength imported carbon fiber to ensure excellent strength and stability, making it more excellent in speed performance. Whether in flat water or in the ocean, HERO RACE can let the racers achieve their best! As for accessories, we provide lightweight fiberglass racing tail fins to let you fully experience the fun of the SUP sports. HERO RACE will definitely impress you with its speed and performance. Let’s take control of it and create more heroic moments!



  • Material: Carbon Composite
    Dimension: 12’6″×25″ (380*63.5*24cm)
    Weight: 11.5 Kg
    Accessories included: Fin (Glass Fiber)
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  • Recent price adjustment due to increased overall transportation cost.
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