SIC Bullet 14.0 V2 SCC (14′ x 27.25″ 269 L) with ASS

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The Bullet 14.0V2 is the fastest open water on the planet bar none.
It is THE must have board for any open-water elite racer who wants to strike the podium or takes their gliding seriously. This downwind missile has a narrower outline and more gradual rocker, which keeps you in the energy zone of the swell, maintains the highest average speed, and can maneuver quickly to catch bumps from any direction. Its Panel-V tail design keeps the nose elevated in the troughs and in the chop. Only available with SIC’s original A.S.S. (Active Steering System).
14’0″ 27.25″ 269 L SCC


A versatile fitness and touring board. That glides like a graceful swan through the water. The low nose rocker creates a long effective water line combining with a slight single concave for easy acceleration, graduating to flat through the middle for stability and for better glide. The design finishes with panel-V design in the tail for a falling sea and increased maneuverability.

  • Standard features include proprietary EZ-Grab handle and Dagger 9.0” fin.
  • Active Steering System cable conduits are dual plumbed and rigged to either goofy or regular foot side.


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