VMG Mako Time Trial


Style: Pure speed racing
Intended Conditions: Built for speed and tracking
Closed waters
Competition Type: Sprints / Time Trial
Harbour / River Marathons
Surface Area (in2): 40
Weight: 140
Draft / Length (mm): 190
Base Width (mm): 164
Estimated Delivery Date: by 28, January 2021

Availability: In stock

Mako Time Trial built for speed and tracking. The Ultimate in performance racing.

The Mako Time Trial has a wide chord near the base which maximizes your strokes on each side, combined with the light weight, short length, optimized foil design and thickness ratio, it allows the board to accelerate quickly, and maintain a super fast glide.

As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.

Now with the VMG blades Fin Lock and Multipin system.


Susak Molinero uses VMGBlades Fins

Susak prefers the VMG blades Mako Time Trial

My favourite one is the Mako Time Trial, it gives me the perfect direction and speed in flat, and in choppy conditions I can control the board with my feet and the feeling is good as well! 🙂

– Susak Molinero

Susak Molinero’s Accomplishments

2017 1st Eurotour Fuerteventura downwind
2017 1st Nautic Sup Paris
2017 1st Eurotour Finland
2017 6th Germany SupWorldCup
2018 1st Eurotour Gran Canaria
2018 1st Eurotour Namur
2018 1st Eurotour Zaanvoort
2018 2nd Florence Paddle Games
2018 3th Eurotour World sup festival
2018 6th APP Paris
2019 1st Eurotour Gran Canaria
2019 2nd Eurotour Villafranche sul mer
2019 2nd Eurotour World Sup Festival
2019 3rd Eurotour SanSebastian
2019 3rd Eurotour Bilbao


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