HKSUPBA 第1場聯賽賽后回顧

Hello paddlers! Were you at the first HKSUPBA League Race last Sunday? We hope you had a great time and if you weren’t able to come don’t you worry, we will try to recap some of the greatest moments here.

Besides equipment, team Whatzsup were also able to send some of our team paddlers to compete in the race. Can you spot some of us in this group photos?

As always, the event is packed with SUP enthusiasts and elite racers, and we were glad to meet all of you. It was really enjoyable to talk and exchange SUP pro tips with you guys! Can’t wait for the next race!

The biggest category of all in the first league race without a doubt is the Elite 4km. You can see the paddlers are standing by at the start line, eager to be the first to set off. 

In a race like this, pivot turns are keys to gain some leads over other competitors.

While the Elite 4km perhaps was the most challenging among all of the categories in the first league race, the team relay was definitely the most fun to watch!​

Co-ordination and teamwork are the keys here, how to pass the “baton” to the next teammate is crucial in achieving a good time.

And also, watch out for the traffic coming the other way! (Hats off to the photographer here! O7 )

This year, we were very excited to see a lot of young paddlers participating. The future of the SUP sport is counting on you guys! Keep it up!​

​Want to relax a bit between all the intense races? We have the Hong Kong International Hula Association came to teach us the traditional Hawaiian dance this year! 

I really can’t think of a more fitting activity to take part in during a SUP race! (Because in modern history, many regards Hawaii as the birthplace of the SUP Sport.).

​Tell you what, it wasn’t easy! But it was fun and we had a great time! 💃 🕺

Last but not least, we want to congratulate all the paddlers who finished their respective catagory in the top three positions, especially Mandy with Team Whatzsup who finished second in the Female Open Catagory!

​Remember, this is only the first of the four league races this year. If you have missed the first race but still want to take part in one of the biggest SUP events in Hong Kong, be sure to stay tuned to the HKSUPBA website for the most updated information!

See you all in May!🤟

Team Whatzsup.

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