MB Paddle Thor L (二手 70 inch)



Please note that this is a USED product, no return or refund will be accepted. Buyers are advised to check the product thoroughly before payment.

  • Paddle has already been cut – Fixed Length: 70 inches


This is the first SUP paddle we designed and all the range is based off this. It’s our biggest paddle in the range and is excellent for someone who wants lots of power and strength in their paddle stroke. It would be better for bigger, stronger paddlers!


MB Paddles is a collaboration between World Champion SUP Athlete Michael Booth and World renowned Paddle manufacturer Gara Paddles. The blades are manufactured in Durban, South Africa and produces world-class SUP paddles for the most elite paddler down to your day to day SUP enthusiast.


Our new range Thor Blade has been built with over 9 months of R&D and to the highest quality. As we get more established we will build on the success of previous models by offering a number of variations to suit all shapes and sizes of paddlers.


Weight 290 g (per blade)
Surface Area 600 cm² (CAD calculated)
預計到達日: 27, 1 月 2021 或以前





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