MB Paddle Thor M Uncut 60 Carbon/40 Glass



MB Paddle’s famous paddles are used by top athletes in the sport, hobbyists and casual enthusiasts.


The Thor M is our all round blade as this paddle is what most paddlers want. It has a nice bite and catch like the L however it is smaller which allows the general paddler to do more strokes without getting as tired.


MB Paddles is a collaboration between World Champion SUP Athlete Michael Booth and World renowned Paddle manufacturer Gara Paddles. The blades are manufactured in Durban, South Africa and produces world-class SUP paddles for the most elite paddler down to your day to day SUP enthusiast.


Our new range Thor Blade has been built with over 9 months of R&D and to the highest quality. As we get more established we will build on the success of previous models by offering a number of variations to suit all shapes and sizes of paddlers.


Weight 270 g (per blade)
Surface Area 550 cm² (CAD calculated)
預計到達日: 06, 3 月 2021 或以前





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