SIC X 12.6 Pro Lite SCC (12′ x 24.6″ 208 L)

$15,000 $25,100


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When Lina Augaitis & Georges Cronsteadt asked for the fastest board possible for races that are in protected waters like the Abu Dhabi and Lost Mills races, Mark designed the X-12 PRO-LITE. This board is for the most elite, lighter weight male and female paddlers and for serious youth paddlers who want the winning edge. Because the board is 24.6”/62.5cm narrow, the bottom cross sections were redesigned so side-to-side stability was maintained to the fullest. Both tail rocker and deck drainage were opti- mized. The board comes stock with the EZ-Grab handle and removable race handle for beach starts. The X-12 PRO-LITE is a hyper fast and agile, pure flat-water racing board.


  • Removable race handleSingle surf leash plug
  • EZ-Grab handle
  • Gore-Tex breather valve
  • U.S. standard finbox w/ 12K Carbon Weedless 7.0″; fin
  • Croc skin EVA deck pad
  • PVC reinforced deck for the ultimate in strength, weight and stiffness
  • Innegra™ tip, rail and tail reinforcement
  • Single Carbon Composite (SCC) full wrap biaxial Carbon


Thickness Volume Weight
12’6” 24,63” 7.0” 208lt 21lbs
381.0cm 62.6cm 17.76cm 9,3kgs (+/- 10%)


預計到達日: 06, 3 月 2021 或以前